WASTE OVER is a company specialized on waste treatment and energy generation through it.

In 2003 WASTE OVER penetrates the renewable energy market. During that year, a market research is done in order to find the best professionals and synergies, which will assure the future investments and the economic yields.

In 2005 WASTE OVERbegins its first investment in promoting renewable energy through a solar power plant with a generating capacity of 10 MW.

Over the following years many projects arrive in search of efficient and cost effective solutions concerning the treatment of agricultural and livestock waste, municipal solid waste, wind power, biomass generation, etc.

2006 is the year when WASTE OVER decides to create its own R+D+I line. This department, headed by the Engineer Wilfried Schraufstetter, considered don of the best researchers of Europe in the field of renewable energies R+D, makes its own technical team in Germany and continue seeking real solutions for the environmental and economic problems caused by waste.  

We began to study and develop of all types of machines and industrial solutions resulting the design of separation machines, ovens gasification, digesters, organic and inorganic waste plants, biomass plants and all kinds of plants to obtain renewable energy, processing of plastics with obtaining new reusable parts or fuel, etc.


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