Our technology can transform waste into a consumer good and it does so economically and ecologically.

This technology thrives on continuous improvement processes, which allows us to adopt it to the specific problems of each project.

The implementation and approval by the TÜV SÜD over 150 dry and wet co-digestion plants for the production of energy through biogas, in Germany, Holland and Belgium support this technology.

Apart from this, we can guarantee the following highlights of WASTE OVER treatment plants:


Absence of CO2 Emissions


Sensitive to the problems associated with irresponsible treatment of our planet, our environment and our lives.


Recycling 100% of the Waste.




Through harnessing the entire waste materials and applying on each of them a process of recovery or re-use in each case, avoiding the use of landfills or incinerators.



Environmentally Friendly.



We cannot create any negative impact on the environment where treatment plants are located; therefore, our technology is ready to not generate any kind of air, noise, visual or olfactory pollution among others.



The Principle of the installation procedure is based on the catalytic recovery of the Fuel. The aim is, as far as possible in the absence of air, to introduce into the reactor the input material: Dry MSW, which is heated/ evaporated and then condensed again to become Fuel-Oil v2 suitable for engines or turbines, if needed. This guarantees a recovery maximization of the Fuel, while a minimization of undesirable residual products such as tar, coke and bitumen.

As a general concept, this is a raw material reusability procedure where the waste is decomposed by Hydrolysis, pyrolysis and thermolysis into low-molecular original matter. The process is done without pressure.

Thanks to the feeding technology expressly developed, the system obtains an optimal efficiency and therefore a maximum Output of fuel. This feeding technique is also patented.

The WASTE OVER  Technology is in perfect compliance with all European standards and regulations in force and is also supported by the relevant European certifications. 


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