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WASTE OVER MSW treatment plants are ready to receive, classify and treat all the range of municipal solid waste and maximize its energy recovery.

The entry material is the material from the MSW collection. This waste is mainly composed by: Organic waste, wood waste Paper and carton, Glass, Plastics, Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, cellulose, textiles and others.

We can distinguish between two big groups: those that are energy-giving materials and those that are not.

The NON ENERGY-GIVING waste kinds are: Glass, metals and other inerts (ceramics, tiles, soil, sand). These kinds have another non energy-giving recovery applications. Glass can be recycled or used for asphaltic paints, while ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be sent to specific foundries and inerts can be crushed and grinded to be used as construction fillers or road compacted subgrades, etc.

The main ENERGY-GIVING waste kinds are: Organic material, Paper and carton, Plastics, Cellulose and Wood waste.

As a general concept, this is a raw material reusabilityprocedure where the waste is decomposed by Hydrolysis, pyrolysis and thermolysis into low-molecular original matter. The process is done without pressure.

The efficient use of the MSW starts by drying up the waste as much as possible with the purpose of separating chemically or physically the individual bonds between the links of the chains. This way we can obtain the original product, in this case, hydrocarbons.

The Principle of the installation procedure is based on the catalytic recovery of the Fuel (procedure without pressure). The aim is, as far as possible in the absence of air, to introduce into the reactor the input material: Dry MSW, which is heated/ evaporated and then condensed again. This guarantees a recovery maximization of the Fuel, while a minimization of undesirable residual products such as tar, coke and bitumen.

WASTE OVER, thanks to the feeding technology expressly developed and patented gets an optimal efficiency and therefore a maximum Output of fuel.

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